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Edipsos is well known both within Greece and abroad for the exceptional healing quality of its natural hot springs. The spring waters emerging all over the town are very rich in minerals, especially sulphur, and exit the ground with temperatures as high as 80 degrees Celsius. They are well known throughout Greece as the best spa waters in the country and can help heal numerous conditions that include backaches, arthritis, rheumatisms and gynaecological conditions.

Throughout the years, the town’s numerous famous visitors have included Aristotle Onassis, Maria Callas, Greta Garbo, Omar Sharif and Winston Churchill. The town very popularly combines its excellent spa waters with a very scenic location. Built beside the calm and warm waters of the North Evia Gulf, the town sits on a peninsula at the bottom of mount Telethrion. The sea can be seen from most parts of town and you are never more than a short walk away from it.

Apart from its famous spa waters, Edipsos has to offer much more to its visitors. Beautiful beaches can be found both in town and just a small cycle or drive outside. Many restaurants serving fresh fish and delicious local specialties are dotted along the coast. Cycling, jogging and walking by the waterside are very popular among both visitors and tourists. Mount Telethrion also lends itself to numerous hiking expeditions. The town’s architecture is also quite interesting as many of the buildings were built at the beginning of the 20th century, when Edipsos was a pole of attraction for the powerful and the wealthy.

Things To Do In And Around Edipsos

Apart from enjoying the invigorating spa waters, there are many other things that a visitor in Edipsos can enjoy. A list of suggested activities and places to visit is available to all our guests. Here is a small selection.

1) Enjoy a morning coffee or an evening drink at one of the beautifully located waterside cafes.

2) Take an afternoon stroll along the waterfront and enjoy a delicious plate of honeypuffs. Guaranteed to transport you back to a long-gone era!

3) Explore Edipsos! Admire the sulphur rocks formed by the spa waters, see the old elementary school made from local stones, the town hall and the turn-of-the-20th-century buildings scattered around the town.

4) Cycle along the flat waterfront road connecting Edipsos to Mylos, just under Gialtra village. Jump in the sea anywhere along the way to cool down!

5) Put your hiking boots on and climb mount Telethrio! One relatively easy climb will take you to Saint Paraskevi’s church, where you can have a light picnic while enjoying the breathtaking view of the blue sea in the horizon.

6) Go fishing from the town’s newly renovated port. For those who spear fish or scuba dive, there are many excellent rocky locations just outside the town.

7) Rent a car in Edipsos (www.carnmotion.gr) and visit the beautiful beaches, old monasteries and numerous other points of interest around North Evia. Edipsos is the ideal location for day trips all around this mountainous, green part of Evia Island.